Springfield has a large number of meeting, recreation, and sports facilities available to all residents of our community. Click on any item in the list below to find out more about these facilities.

The Gables Building

The Gables is the main building/clubhouse for Springfield. It includes the main offices for the several employees of our management company. The "Front Desk" is where residents go to interface with management and to perform other routine functions such as reserving facilities, picking up the (free) Springfield newsletter, making payments, submitting forms, scheduling and getting information about the many activities at Springfield. 
The Gables includes free high speed Wi-Fi throughout the building and in the pool area for use by residents.
The Gables Bldg at Springfield at Whitney Oaks
The Gables is a large multi-use building which includes a number of facilities for use by the residents of Springfield. These include:
  • Front Desk and Management offices
  • Fitness and exercise rooms
  • Arts, Crafts, & Card rooms
  • The Whitney Room for large gatherings and meetings
  • A small kitchen area for use by residents for meetings and social functions
  • A lounge area for residents including free coffee & refreshments and newspapers plus a large screen TV
  • The Computer Room and Business center
  • The Library with 1000's of free-to-read books
  • Changing rooms for swimming
  • Restrooms
Outside and surrounding the Gables are a number of other facilities including:
  • 2 Swimming pools and a spa
  • BBQ Grills with outdoor tables and chairs
  • Tennis and Pickleball Courts
  • Bocce Ball Courts

The Oaks Building

A second community use building at Springfield is the Oaks building. Although it is not staffed, it is available for many additional activities by residents. It is also a multi-use building with a large main main area for meetings and social functions. It also includes:
  • A Billiards room
  • A Card room
  • A small kitchen
  • A small lounge area with TV for small gatherings
  • Restrooms
The Oaks includes free high speed Wi-Fi for use by residents.
The Oaks Bldg

Arts & Crafts Room

The Arts and Crafts Room at the Gables Bldg is a multi-purpose room which may be reserved by appointment.
It includes a large table for meetings or crafts and a kiln for firing pottery.
See the Front Desk at the Gables to reserve a time to use the room.

BBQ Gas Grills

There are several propane gas BBQ units outside the Gables near the swimming pool. These are normally available on a first come, first served basis for residents. There are a number of outside tables and chairs available near the BBQ grills and the swimming pools.
BBQ Grills


A Billiard table with cues and balls is available for use at the Oaks Bldg by appointment only.
See the Front Desk at the Gables to reserve a time to play.
Billiards Room

Bocce Ball Courts

The outdoor Bocce Ball Courts are adjacent to the Gables Bldg. The key to the balls are available from the Front Desk. Use of the courts is by appointment only.
See the Front Desk at the Gables to reserve a time to use them.

Card Rooms

There are two card rooms at Springfield. These may be used for card games or other appropriate use. One is in the Gables Building (shown below). The other is in the Oaks Building.
Please make an appointment to reserve the rooms at the Front Desk at the Gables.

Computer Room and Business Center

The Computer Room at the Gables contains four Windows 10 computers. These computers are available on a first come-first served basis for all residents of Springfield during normal hours at the Gables building. No appointment is necessary. There is also a printer/copy machine and various other business tools, such as staplers, hole punches, etc. available. There is also a bulletin board for posting various notices to residents of the community.

Fitness Center

The Aerobic Fitness Center at the Gables Bldg has a number of exercise machines, such as treadmills and exercise cycles to improve your fitness. These are normally available on a first come, first served basis.  

Gallery Room

The Gallery in the Gables is a multi-purpose room which may be reserved by appointment. The Fine Arts Club exhibits themed art and photography every six weeks.
Note: the Card Room across the hall in the Gables has similar functionality with card tables and chairs. And there is also a smaller Card Room available for use in the Oaks Bldg.
See the Front Desk at the Gables to reserve a time to use these rooms.


Springfield residents have contributed many books to our Library which is at the Gables building. These books are available for use by all residents. There is no limit on the number of books or length of time you may keep them for your use. However, it is expected that residents will not abuse this privilege and will return books promptly when finished. The library is open during normal hours at the Gables.


There is a Lounge area in the Gables for resident use for informal and meetings and gatherings. The Lounge has a large bar (not stocked) as well as a number of lounge chairs and a large screen TV.  This room cannot be reserved.

Strength and Training Room

The Strength and Training Room at the Gables Bldg has a number of exercise machines to improve your strength. These are normally available on a first come, first served basis.

Swimming: Lap Lane Pool, General Use Pool & Spa

There are two swimming pools plus a heated spa outside the Gables Bldg. One pool is for residents only and may be used by lap swimmers. The second pool is for general use and may be used by residents, and guests including children at certain times.
The pools are heated May 1st to October 31st.
The spa is heated and is available for guest use as well.
There are changing rooms and showers available inside the Gables building.
Lap Lane Pool
General Use Pool

Tennis and Pickleball Courts

There are a number of tennis and pickleball courts located adjacent to the Gables building. These are available for use by appointment only. Please see the Front Desk at the Gables to reserve them.

Whitney Room

The Whitney Room at the Gables is the largest general purpose room available to residents of Springfield. It is often used for large gatherings such as Social club events, Springtones choir concerts, Wine club and Travel club meetings, HOA Board meetings, Bingo, Yoga and many, many other events. The room has audio speakers on the walls and a number of electronic devices to augment meetings, such as a projector with a computer for showing slideshows or other presentations on a large drop-down screen. There is a kitchen area adjacent to the Whitney room for preparing food or beverages.
The room is available by appointment only.